Teamwork is one of the most important buzzword in modern business and many times is the solution to big problems. The Noble Globetrotter I drilling vessel applies this concept with an advanced implementation of a smart network for monitoring health and performance of any major equipment. World’s first Digital Rig, this vessel is jointly developed by GE and Noble Corporation. GE’s Predix platform collects data through sensors and control systems and transmits it in near-real time to GE’s Industrial Performance & Reliability Center for predictive analysis. Noble receives real-time data and the collective analysis to improve rig efficiencies and make data sharing with manufacturers to improve equipment performance. The Digital Rig may deliver as much as a 20% reduction in operational expenditures across the targeted equipment through reduction of unplanned downtime, improved revenue and lower maintenance costs. This synergic attitude is the driver of a holistic transformation of the offshore industry, targeted at top level efficiency, safety and reliability.