Graduated in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University, Belfast in 1973 and after 2 years with the Dunlop organisation joined sealing specialists James Walker in a Production Development role.

Subsequently moved into Product Design and Development specialising in technical support for sealing products for the oil and gas industry before taking on the management of the Technical sector.

Until 2007 was Head of Technology responsible for all aspects of the company’s technical activities including Research and Development, Technical Support, Product and Material Design and Process Engineering.

Author of several research papers on sealing technology and member of British Standards technical committees and steering committees for international conferences.
Latterly involved in developing business in the marine propulsion industry before retiring from the company in 2011.

A Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and a Chartered Engineer.
Currently working as a consultant to the sealing industry and in particular the European Sealing Association, in the areas of compression packings and elastomers.